The Twilight Saga: Opinion

Written by Daddy

Before I begin I’d like to make it clear that this is a completely ill-informed opinion. I haven’t even watched any of the films with any level of attention – but only glanced up at them occasionally while my wife has had them on.

Why would I bother posting a review without watching the films you ask? You didn’t ask, did you – but i’m going to tell you anyway. It’s the story line. I don’t like the idea of the films in general, so i’d like to slag it off a little bit and share my reasons for doing so.

Now as i’ve mentioned I have no real understanding of the films having not sat through them, but from what i’ve been told the Twilight Saga tells the story of a human named Bella (I think) and some weird Vampire dude, and again the name escapes me. Apparently a wolf-man of some description is thrown into the mix at some point as well.

Now I hope i’m wrong, but I believe these three characters become entangled in what has to be the strangest love triangle ever. It’s strange not only because the woman looks like a man, but falling for a Wolf? And a Vampire – which everybody knows are big versions of Bats? That my friends is border-line beastiality, and I find it pretty disgusting.

Everyone is different, entitled to their own opinions and all that cliche stuff but it is completely beyond my comprehension how anybody can find entertainment in the Twilight Saga, let alone the millions that have done. It’s truly bizarre.

To make it crazier still, the obsession people have with the Twilight films is nothing on the pandemonium that follows the two stars, “Robsten”, wherever they may go. Thanks to my wife being one of those obsessed with the films and the couple, or should I say former-couple, i’ve seen all the press conferences, the clips of the guy losing his cool with the paps, and the woman sneaking around behind coats while wearing sunglasses – even though the sun had set hours earlier.

And that brings my rant on the Twilight Saga to an end! Not because I have no further gripes with it – believe me I have countless others – but simply because writing about how irritating the film series and it’s stars are, is incredibly irritating.

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