Petite Star Zia+ Review

Written by Mummy

I have been through many buggies, which is no exaggeration, at least 20! And the Petite Star Zia+ is the best buggy I have ever had. I normally change buggies every few months but I have had this buggy for over 18 months and I don’t plan on getting rid of it. I have had a new baby since getting the Petite Star Zia+ and I plan to replace the wheels, or just replace the buggy with the same one once he reaches toddler stage as at the moment I am using a parent facing buggy which is the only feature the petite star does not offer. So let’s get started on the review.

The Petite Star Zia+ came with a foot muff  shoulder pads and a rain cover. The Petite Star Zia+  is suitable from birth and reclines right back by using a pull string on the back of the buggy, it is very easy to recline it and putting it in the upright position again. Because it has a pull string, you decide how far reclined or up right you want the seat.

Although this buggy was purchased for my now three year old son when he was just one year of age, my new born son took a ride in it aged just six weeks old – the reason being he has a big ‘main’ buggy which we are using but I had to go to a school share day and that was far to big to be dragging through classrooms. The Petite Star Zia+ is so small and light weight that it was small enough to push through the school corridors without getting in the way and it was easy to store while I was in my daughters share day with my baby.


As you can see from the picture my son is very comfortable, he is laying with the foot muff on which was included and he has the shoulder straps on to protect his little body. He slept the entire time he was out in it. The hood comes far forward which made it even more cosy for him as it blocked out a lot of the light.

A good thing about this buggy is it has handle adjustment so if your partner is a bit bigger than you he or she can raise the handles up and then you can put them back down afterwards. It also has a little basket underneath, in which you can store the rain cover, or a few toys if you decide to go to the park with friends. It is however not big enough to store a lot of shopping, so if you want a buggy with a big basket this buggy probably is not for you. I got this buggy for how small it is and how lightweight it is which is important to me in a buggy.


Above is my toddler son in the Petite Star Zia+. As you can see he is sitting upright sleeping, but yet he was very comfortable. The seat is nice and big so it would fit an average sized toddler but also a bigger one too. Even with my son in this buggy it is very light to push and I can’t even tell I am pushing him, the buggy is even very easy to push one handed.


Above is me with three of my children, going through the park and on this occasion my youngest daughter (aged four) decided she was going to take a ride in the Petite Star Zia+. You can see I am holding my son’s hand and pushing the buggy with my other hand, which was very easy to do because it is so lightweight. My daughter wanted to help me push for a little while and it was even very easy for her to push, even without me holding on too.

So if you are looking for a lightweight buggy this is definitely the one for you – you will not be disappointed.

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