For Stylish Newborn Boys

Written by Daddy

As the proud parents of four young children, we have spent the best part of the last five years trawling through countless clothing collections in god knows how many different stores looking for baby clothes. Our little ones are forever outgrowing what they have, or simply ruining them by chewing on the sleeves or rolling around in the mud.

One thing we found tricky when Lucas came along was finding nice clothes for baby boy’s. We couldn’t believe it. For little girls there were so many cute little outfits, pretty dresses and everything else you can imagine – but for little boy’s even the best stuff was, to be honest, quite odd. During our shop-hopping when our newborn, Baby C, arrived we stumbled across Alex and Alexa which sell designer baby clothes, and here are just a few of our favourite items from their kids summer clothing range that will make even the ugliest baby boy look good (come on, you know some babies are ugly).

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Got yourself a budding skater boy? Take a look at this cute romper from Quiksilver featuring vintage skateboards design. Short-cut sleeves will keep your baby cool, and the crotch poppers make for easy changing.


And we thought baby boy’s couldn’t get stylish clothes! Your little boy will look great wearing this striped outfit by Catmini, boasting a friendly elephant design. Elasticated waist on the shorts too, to squeeze that nappy in!


For the not-so-newborns, and to be specific for boys aged 9 months to 2 years, this yellow t-shirt with shorts set looks so good. No boy’s summer wardrobe will be complete without a splash of yellow!


This vibrant, colourful Mayoral boys fish vest and shorts set is perfect for the warmer days this summer. Your little boy will look adorable, until he tries to feed the fish his ice-cream.


If your little boy is off to the sea-side, have him dress the part in these themed shortalls by Mayoral available in sizes from 0 to 12 months old. There are two, so when one gets pee’d on, just change!

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This cute t-shirt and shorts set from Mayoral features a cute little teddy bear holding balloons. This is part of a two-set pack, the other set is similar but in blue with a driving teddy in a car motif. Precious.


Great hats have to be the hardest thing to find for kids, especially boys, but look at this cheeky little monkey! This little fella’ gives your child 50+ ultra-violet protection, and features a neck protector too.


For boys aged 3 to 18 months, this cool looking t-shirt and shorts set would be great for summer days out – keeping your little man cool in more ways than one. Until now, who knew crabs could surf?


I’m not a fan of the sea, it scares the hell out of me, but you can’t help but love the little sea creatures on this Kissy Kissy shortall. Dolphins, whales, sea-horses and octopuses! Or is it Octopi?


An adorable two-pack of cute romper suits available in sizes from 0 to 12 months. Is that not the cutest little bear design you’ve ever seen?

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Why stop when they’re babies?

It seems that nice boys clothes continue to be difficult to come by as they get older, but fear not! Drop by the Alex and Alexa website for designer clothes for boys of all ages from birth, right up to the day you finally get some freedom back – the day they move out! Be it designer babysuits, boys coats or a formal suit, you’ll find it.

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