Disney Cakes & Sweets review

Written by Daddy

Every child loves Disney, and the vast majority of them are pretty keen on cake too. Our kids are no different, so when we were asked to share our views on the new collectible magazine series Disney Cakes & Sweets we couldn’t resist.

To be honest I knew that our girls would love it before we had even received it. They are forever glued to their favourite Disney DVDs and baking cakes is one of the very few things that never fails to have them working together, instead of their usual bickering over who had what toy first.

Our girls R (aged 6) and LA (aged 5) spent the best part of an hour just looking through the magazine when it arrived in the post. It’s not that long, but each and every recipe inside the glossy, colourful mag captured their imagination simply by having a Disney twist to something as simple as decorated biscuits – they were excited.

With the magazine we received a large Mickey Mouse cookie cutter, and two Winnie the Pooh cake-icing stencils and with each additional issue of the magazine you receive other bits and pieces, meaning as the weeks go by you and your children will amass a wonderful collection of Disney themed baking accessories.

The recipes inside the first issue include Mickey Mouse cookies, honey flavoured Winnie the Pooh cupcakes and even a step-by-step guide to creating your own Disney Castle cake. At the time we were a little limited on ingredients, so me and my two girls decided to give the honey Winnie the Pooh cupcakes a try.

As you can see from the photo slideshow above they really enjoyed making the cupcakes, and enjoyed eating them even more! After returning from work the following day I was very surprised to see that they had saved one especially for me, bless.

I generally don’t give these collectible magazine series’ a second look, but after seeing the enjoyment my daughters had with Disney Cakes & Sweets I think it’s very likely we’ll be trying others in the series, and you should too! Your children will love it.

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