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Messy Biscuits. Much tidier.

Written by Mummy

In response to my husband’s post about messy play at home, I have no problem with my children doing messy play although I know we don’t do it anywhere near as often as we should! It has nothing to do with how ‘messy’ the house would get through paint, glitter, glue etc but the time it takes to set it up and put it away (Lazy? Maybe!).

Me and LU have had great times doing very messy painting while the girls are at school getting it all over the table, floor and ourselves. The only bit I do not enjoy is cleaning up all the mess after, the paint pots, brushes, table, floor and bathing the lad. It’s time consuming meaning that we have to limit how much time we actually do the messy play for, as we always have to be somewhere either in the morning or afternoon and it’s a rush to clean up and get out.

We have also done decorating biscuits with icing and treats (can get very messy!). Play-doh, cake decorating, lots of glitter and glue. Here is a picture of some messy play I have done with my children, we are not afraid to get our hands dirty!


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