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Work Day Misery!

Written by Daddy

It was back to work for me this morning, after taking three days off last week due to sickness. It’s becoming ever increasingly difficult to force myself out of the front door in the mornings, mainly because of my desire to find a way to work from home so I can be around my wife and kids as often as possible.

My attitude towards work really changed following the arrival of our youngest, C, who is now five weeks old. Here in the UK new Dad’s are entitled to a short period of leave depending on their circumstances, so I had two weeks at home with my new son. The timing of C’s arrival meant his siblings R, LA and LU would be around for the first of those two weeks as well, as it was their half-term break from school.

My family are everything to me. It’s a common thing to hear I know, but they are literally everything to me. They are my reason for living, my favourite comedy, my best friends and my hobby! Without them my life would be absolutely meaningless and I enjoyed those two weeks incredibly.

When my first day back at work arrived I could hardly believe it – the time had flown by. My colleagues were probably expecting to see me walk into the depot with a smile on my face, full of pride as I told them all about my new arrival. Instead I plodded in slowly, face like a deer in headlights, barely muttering a word to anybody before slipping past the crowd, into my lorry and off to the start of my route.

I am known at work for always being a happy, laid-back, cheeky lad. Typically I arrive dead on time and not a moment sooner, sign in and leave the company arse-licks inside as I head to the smoke hut where the people worth talking to hang out. I will exchange a few expletives about the day ahead, then just get on with it until my time is up seven and a half hours later. Needless to say the fact that i’m no longer happy at work has been picked up on.

How I go from the daily misery of early starts, cold weather and defying death every ten minutes from working on the roads to the dream of waking at the same time as my kids, helping them with breakfast and getting to school before settling down to work from home is beyond me – but the idea has crossed my mind in the past, but i’ve never been so eager or determined to find a way for it to happen, and make it so!

Perhaps blogging is the answer. I am under no illusions. I know making a living from blogging requires a long established, successful and popular blog but every blog which matches those three traits today all started as something new, unknown and attracted little attention at first. I think having my wife involved in this project too is a great help – hopefully it will mean that between us, we can ensure Mummy VS Daddy will always stay active and have something new to keep bringing people back to read, and comment on.

At what point would I feel comfortable enough to consider quitting my job? I have absolutely no idea. What I do know is that if we had savings to really ‘get started’ or to fall back on if it went horribly wrong, I would seriously consider walking out tomorrow to fully focus on making something of this! Sadly the resources are lacking so i’ll bide my time.

I think it will be a case of setting small targets first, then pushing on to new, slightly higher targets once they are reached. For example, to earn enough per month from the blog to pay for one household bill, then perhaps one household bill and a day out for the kids – you get the idea.

Perhaps you are reading this as a professional, work-from-home blogger yourself? Or perhaps you’re working towards it and getting somewhere? If so I would love to hear your thoughts, opinions or advice on what you would suggest. I don’t know how much more of my day job I can stand – it’s really getting me down, and down is something i’m not used to. I need the always happy, full of energy me back and so do my family.

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