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We’re around but it’s hot out there!

Written by Daddy

To any of you that may just be a regular visitor to our humble little blog of nonsense, you could be forgiven for wondering where the hell we’ve got to recently because of the distinct lack of new blog posts – well, we are right here! But sadly (for those who like reading our stuff) it’s bloody hot out there!

We are not the kind of people to stay stuck indoors when the weather is even remotely ‘warm’, let alone when the sun is shining bright filling our beach blessed home town with heat. If that sun is out, it’s ice cream time, and we rarely have any left in the freezer!

One such day was last Sunday. We hadn’t planned to go out in advance, in fact we very rarely do, but when our eyes opened that morning to see the blinds struggling to contain the sunshine we were up and out in no time at all. All too often we spend the best part of two hours getting ready, but this time I think we rushed everything together in less than 75 minutes – possibly a record for us.

The kids were practically pulled from their beds and dumped at the table for breakfast, and as they ate Mummy and I scurried around the house getting clothes ready, the changing bag ready, baby C’s feeds and water ready and of course ourselves ready, too.

As we so often do we headed straight to the beach. If you’re in England as well, you know how all too rare such nice weather is for us – when it’s there it has to be taken advantage of.

When we arrived at the beach – which is just a ten to fifteen minute walk from our home – it was surprisingly deserted. Usually the entire town crams onto the sandy end pretty early, so there must have been something more interesting happening elsewhere in town that we had somehow overlooked, but who cares, we had lots of fun – the best kind of fun – fun as a family.

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