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My weekend of Dadding

Written by Daddy

Like any other working Dad, I live for the weekends! At times during the week I come home so tired that it can sometimes seem I don’t really get to see my kids at all, which is why I’ve come to despise my job. But I am pleased to say I have had a wonderful weekend with my wife and kids.

Mummy still isn’t feeling well with her ongoing stomach problems and tiredness, so on Saturday morning I went it alone with our eldest three kids – daughters R (6) and LA (5), and my son LU (3).

To give Mummy some peace, we waited until Baby C went to nap then we took a walk to a nearby playground. You can’t go wrong with a playground, every kids loves them whether they’re huge with loads of different things for them to go on, or small with just a few choices. The less climbing frames, swings and slides, the more they tend to come up with their own fun things to do.

The little playground had a little area of trees and bushes. My little ones were drawn to it, so in we went and they saw the remains of a den and I told them how I had used that exact same spot to make dens myself when I was young, and told them of other places I had made dens too. They wanted to visit the others which were just a short walk down the road along what was a tram-way, long ago.

So with lunch time around an hour away, it was a good opportunity to take them on a little tour of places I used to play as a kid as we made our way towards home, and they loved it! The area used to be long, overgrown valleys which ran through our town which were literally smothered with trees, shrubs, streams and brush – but now they’re home to a series of walkways and bicycle paths, running beneath numerous road-bridges linking-up different parts of town. It was great to see my kids excited by what little greenery remains, they were itching to climb the slopes – and of course, I let them.

On Saturday evening the kids and I settled down to watch Cinderella on DVD. They all offered to share their popcorn with me, bless them, i’m not a fan of the stuff though so – more for them. Mummy joined us when she’d had her bath and once the movie finished, it was off to bed for the kiddies.

Sunday morning brought us a little more sun, but it didn’t want to hang around for long. My Mum popped round to visit and brought the kids some cakes up as she always does, and again just like normal the kids were clinging on to her when it was time for her to head back home. It just so happened that Mummy had to visit her nephew today anyway as it was his birthday, and he lives very close to my Mum so, we decided to send them to Nanny’s for a few hours and said we would collect them later on when Mummy went to her nephews.

I arrived at my parents house to collect the kids at around 4pm, to find that they had again wormed they way onto a park, this time with Nanny so off I went with Baby C to find them. As I arrived at the park, just a few minutes walk from my parents’, there they were then coming out of the playground with my Mum and her two dogs. My son LU was practically begging my Mum to hold one of the dog’s leads, which she let him do, and just a few minutes later he was down. I don’t think he thought such small dogs could pull him about.

After arriving back at my parents house the kids all had their mandatory “Nanny and Grandad visit ice cream”, and not long after Mummy arrived from down the road, it was time to head home. Time was getting on, and we still had to have tea, get them all bathed and get school and work stuff ready for tomorrow – but we got through it all, eventually.

Mummy has now conked out on the other sofa, and I’m sat here finishing up this post while joining in with the weekly #pbloggers chat thinking how little i’m looking forward to going to work again in the morning. I really look forward to the weekends, yet they can be too enjoyable, it just makes me hate going back to work even more than usual. Roll on, next Saturday.


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