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The First Meal

Written by Mummy

I am writing this entry because every time I think of the first meal Daddy cooked for me I laugh and I thought I would share the laughs with you. He has come so far since that first meal he cooked me, and rightly so, otherwise we would all be dead from food poisoning.

I was 17 and Daddy was 21 and we had been dating for 9 months, my Mum and Dad went on holiday for the week so they invited him over to stay for the week to keep me company. One night he ushered me into the bath, “Don’t come out until I tell you to, I am going to cook you a romantic meal”. He had not been shopping for anything specific, he just rummaged through the cupboards, looking for the left over foods that my parents had left for us.

Shouting through the bathroom door I was trying to guess what he had cooked me but he said he wasn’t telling, I couldn’t wait to get out of the bath and enjoy my first meal cooked by my man.

As I sat down at the dinner table I was presented with a plate which consisted of a burger on the side, torn lettuce, slice of bread and grated cheese. I actually like eating lettuce and cheese together so even though it wasn’t the romantic meal I was hoping for I was excited to dig in. I was starving too, even more reason to dig right in. As I cut into my burger it was pink, BRIGHT PINK! “Oh my you can’t eat that, don’t eat that, it isn’t cooked!”. He looked rather disappointed, “What do you mean it’s not cooked?”.

So the burger was put to the side and we laughed about how we would just eat the cheese, lettuce and bread. That was until I picked up the slice of bread and noticed it was all mouldy, “Oh my god, the bread is all mouldy, we can’t eat that either”, and his faced dropped even more, “Oww”, he replied looking rather sad, I tried to tell him it was okay and that we would just make something else, but I think we both just went hungry that night, after eating our lettuce and grated cheese.

I remind him of it all the time and we have a good laugh over it, he can now cook a burger, although it did take him some practice and he makes sure to check the bread isn’t mouldy too.

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