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Tales of the Tooth Fairy

Written by Mummy

My six year old daughter R lost her first tooth in August, just two months after turning six years of age. This was a new experience for us as parents, she is our eldest child. We were very happy to be playing tooth fairy for her – it was exciting to us just as it was to her, to see her face in the morning when she discovered she had been left money! Just a few weeks after her first tooth she lost her second tooth.

Me and Daddy had a conversation about how next year it would be our five year old daughters LA’s turn but last week LA lost her first tooth! Just two months after her sister and we were playing tooth fairy again, much sooner than we thought we would be. She was so excited as she knew what it meant from her sister losing her tooth.

She went to bed and the next morning came and found me with her shiny coin, informing me that the tooth fairy had been. She now has a very, very wobbly second tooth which is going to be out any day now. Although a year apart, the girls seem to be on the same track for everything and often get confused for twins!

Our eldest little boy is thee and a half and he thinks as his sisters teeth are falling out and they have both been visited by the tooth fairy that it’s his turn now. He keeps showing me his teeth too so I can check if they are wobbly and saying “Tooth fairy come now”, bless his heart, I think he will have a bit of a wait as yet.

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