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Our getaway begins!

Written by Daddy

After looking forward to it for so long, our little family holiday is finally here and i’m writing this post on my phone from our caravan.

I know, there should be more exciting things to do on holiday right? But with four young kids in tow it’s impossible for us to be out too late – the kiddies get tired – or in today’s case, absolutely exhausted bless them.

The day started slowly. The kids got up, had breakfast and just pottered around for a while as they knew we wouldn’t be setting off until after lunch. Mummy took a walk to the Doctors and the bank, and I blitzed the housework and bathed the kids.

Before long it was time to leave. Mummy was hoping a new buggy she had ordered would arrive before we left, and it did! Her Dad arrived shortly after as he was driving us to the holiday park, in two runs! As we don’t yet drive ourselves we’re restricted to holiday parks nearby, in this case just 12 miles up the road – but the kids don’t care how close to home it is, all they care about is how much fun they can have and already they’ve had loads!

Mummy, R (6), LU (3) and Baby C (5 months) went first to book in and unpack most of our stuff, followed around an hour later by me and LA (5). When everything was in it’s place we sat down and looked through the park leaflets to get some idea of what we would be doing, and when.

Before anything though, we needed to eat! Being the summer holidays we assumed the on site Burger King would be busy, so me and the girls went to pickup our food and took it back to the caravan. Turns out that it wasn’t busy at all, but nevermind, it gave Baby C a chance to have a nap.

After eating we got ready and went to the ‘Live Lounge’ where the park shows are held – it was time for a character meet-and-greet. After a bit of dancing, LA and LU lined up and had their photo taken with Rory the Tiger – one of many on site charcters. R didn’t fancy it, she’s terrified of these kind of costumes, bless her.

After we all sat at our table and had a drink, and the kids nibbled on bags of sweets too. A weird music bingo game was going on at the time, but we were really just hanging onto our table for the next kid-friendly show half an hour away, and the time soon passed as the kids had a little dance on the dancefloor.

Once the show started R was down by the stage ready to join in, as this was a certain charcter named DJ who she loved seeing when we came here last year. Her little brother LU was pretty much glued to her and joined in with copying the dances and joining in with the games – they loved it. LA wandered down a few times, but she was visibly struggling for energy – we knew it wouldn’t be too much longer before we had to head to the caravan.

I went down and danced with R, LA and LU for 10-15 minutes then left R to it for another quarter of an jour or so, and we then encouraged them out to the arcades. With LU now struggling with tiredness like LA we threw them on a couple of rides before heading outside, aided by the promise of a quick stop at a playground.

Needless to say both LA and LU mustered up one last burst of energy to have a little rush around the climbing frames, slides, swings etc before Baby C called time on today’s fun by deciding it was finally his bed time, and he’s in charge. We headed back to the caravan and within 15 minutes all four kids were settled in bed.

Mummy is now relaxing, reading a book on her tablet and i’m here summing up day one of our little summer holiday (and waiting for Family Guy to start).

The weather could be better, as could the caravan and even the kids’ behaviour (especially R’s) but for me day one always has teething problems. They’re excited to be here, they want to see, do and have everything all at once and don’t like it when they can’t – but as the week goes on they’ll get all they could ask for, and more.

Really looking forward to the rest of the week here with my beautiful wife and amazing children. Happy Daddy!

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