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My first driving lesson

Written by Mummy

Yesterday I had my first driving lesson, it was at 7.30pm but while I was out taking my daughter R to physio, hubby text me to say it was changed to 7pm. I had been feeling sick ALL day just thinking about it, and as 7pm rolled round the driving instructor knocked on my door.

She took me to a road where not a lot of cars go down and we pulled over and talked about the car, lights, mirrors, clutch etc and then it was my turn to get in the drivers seat. I was quite shocked, I wasn’t prepared to be driving in my first lesson – I thought we would mostly be talking.

I was very nervous when I had to do the driving, I thought it would be fine that I would just be doing the steering while she did the pedals but nope, I had to do everything, the clutch/accelerator, gears, indicators, the lot.

I was talked through it the first few times and that was easy enough to do, going up the road, pulling over, doing a U turn then back down the road and starting again but then I had to do it alone. I messed up as I couldn’t remember what order things went in and what pedals needed to go down. I started to panic at one point and lost total control of what I was doing.

We had to practice this for about an hour as my mind was finding it hard to take in. I had to go from the first to third gear and pull over, and I kept messing up with the clutch and accelerator. By the end I managed to go down the road, doing the controls myself from first gear to third gear and pull over but I still am not confident with it. Next week we will be doing corners, I think I will be fine doing corners but that’s if I even remember how to do the gears.

At one point I was sitting in the car and I felt like jumping out and running down the road screaming, and not coming back! I don’t know if I can do this but I will give it a good try, I hope that I get better and start to take things in better, I suppose that will come with more lessons. I am highly considering at the moment buying an automatic car to make things easier… hopefully by the time I pass I will change my mind.

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