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Is it time for school again yet?

Written by Daddy

The school holidays have begun! I don’t need to tell you that, you’ve probably run out of paracetamol already just like we have. Needless to say the kids are all enjoying being at home though and surely it’s their enjoyment which matters the most right?

However there’s only so much enjoyment you can allow kids before things just get out of hand, and their ‘playing together’ turns into what appears to be a WWE Royal Rumble, and here in our house on just day two of the summer holidays there have already been tears, tantrums, and accusations of some sibling bashing going on – and we never know who’s telling the truth!

Luckily for me i’m out of the house from 6.30am until around 3.15pm, strolling around the streets of our home town clearing other peoples crap. The crying eyes and ear piercing screams of home are left to my wife to deal with, bless her. She’s a fantastic Mum, but it doesn’t take long for our children to drive her a little nuts, they are definitely more than a handful when they’re all together and struggling to stay entertained.

The weather hasn’t really helped things either – it’s been too hot! Hot, sweaty, screaming kids and parents struggling with the eye-strain headaches and muggy feeling this kind of weather throws up is not a great combination. We need to get some fans in this place, and fast!

As a kid I was always told that school days would be the best of my life. As parents, school days can be pretty useful too!

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