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The go-kart incident

Written by Daddy

I’m onto Thursday of the week before last in my family holiday summary posts. I say summary posts, but judging by the word count on most of them so far perhaps i’ve gone into too much detail? Not to worry, if anyone gets bored just stop reading. So here’s Thursday, day four and the last full day on our little holiday.

After a late night on Wednesday, having spent the evening sat eating donuts by the beach watching fireworks, the kids were understandably a bit tired, as were me and Mummy. We eventually rose from our beds at around 9am and decided we would head to the Mash and Barrel restaurant again for breakfast. We arrived, ordered and the first sign that today wouldn’t go to plan arrived in the shape or Mummy’s croissant.

Although the croissant arrived, it arrived on it’s own so I had to spend ten minutes trying to get the attention of a staff member just to grab her some jam and butter, but I got there in the end. R and LU opted for toast and Coco Pops, but LA was a little more exotic trying granola with yoghurt and fruit which she really enjoyed. A slow, but tasty start to the day.

To be honest there wasn’t much on for the kids today in the club lounge, but after breakfast we did head there to check out the Kids Club creative crafts morning. The kids had a go at making tiger masks and Baby C sat and played with a few foam shapes with Mummy. Sadly their imaginations weren’t captured at all, and we left about half-way through the session, having decided to hire out a family go-kart so off to the hire shop we went.

As Baby C was with us we couldn’t all go on the go-kart, so while he and Mummy relaxed on a picnic bench it was upto me to transport R (6), LA (5) and LU (3) around the holiday park – at speed, and at even more speed when approaching the speed bumps – as demanded by the children. Needless to say peddling three children around on one of these things wasn’t easy on my own, and by the time we had reached the complete opposite side of the site to where Mummy and Baby C were waiting for us, I was exhausted! But the show must go on, so on it went and I pushed myself to get them back again weaving between the odd car and site services kart as we went.

When we finally made it back to Mummy I was sweating like a very attractive pig, I needed a drink so I headed into the nearby shop with Baby C while Mummy took the others for a little ride – at least I thought it was going to be a little ride. I had been sitting on a bench sipping my coffee for about 15 minutes and there was no sign of them. Knowing how difficult I found it, I thought I should get up and look for Mummy and the kids as the time our go-kart had to be back by was approaching so, I took a walk past the entertainment building and carried on slowly walking towards the restaurant half-way across the park, being sure to look through the caravans as I went to see if I could spot them coming back down the other road-ways. They were nowhere to be seen.

Thinking I must have missed them I headed back to the go-kart hire shop and again there was no sign of them. At this point I was beginning to wonder where on earth they could be, and more importantly, did Mummy take her inhaler with her? I struggled, and I knew she would be struggling too having been peddling around for almost as long as I did earlier on. I headed down towards the restaurant once again without seeing them, and decided to head to our caravan to see if she had gone there in the hope that I would come to her rescue, but yet again no luck and no sign of them anywhere as I walked up, down and through all the road-ways on the park.

With just ten minutes left until our go-kart was due back I thought I should head in that direction again so if they didn’t arrive back in time, I was at least there to explain to the staff that we haven’t gone on an unofficial joyride with it and that it would be back – eventually. As I passed the entertainment building again, I spotted Mummy’s head pop up from the nearby playground, and she spotted me and started walking over with the kids, looking a little tired (a lot tired, really). She was so happy to see me, greeting me with “You’re a t**t”, to which I laughed. It turns out we were both looking for each other and had somehow narrowly missed each other two or three times. Great fun.

Obviously we were exhausted so we headed back to the caravan for a breather. The kids weren’t really hungry enough for lunch because of our slightly late breakfast, but they nibbled on a few bits from the cupboards and played for a bit. When we did eventually decide to head out again it was just to play in the arcades – our kids love them, in particular the 2p coin pushing games. We’re not going to complain at that, so cheap to play right? Before we knew it though we were chucking £1 coins into all sorts of things, being rewarded with reams of tickets that we knew we would never be able to get anything decent with, but for us it’s about the kids enjoying themselves which they definitely were.

Afterwards we headed outside and R spotted the trampolines. Usually she isn’t allowed on them because of her Perthes disease, but as these were harnessed we thought they would give her additional support, and being on holiday we felt obliged to be somewhat relaxed about allowing her to do things that she usually shouldn’t. She loved it. She is usually quite reserved and shy, but after a couple of jumps she felt brave enough to go higher and higher, and loved every minute of it.

The boys needed their bums changed! Into the baby changing area, and after initially being stunned to see what we thought was a condom machine on the wall, we left amazed at what turned out to be a nappy and wipes machine! £1.50 for a nappy and a few wipes – clearly overpriced, but we thought it was a good thing to have incase that emergency situation crops up! All that bum changing made us hungry, it was tea time.

We strolled to the other end of the entertainment building to Papa Johns Pizza, made our order and then walked back and ate at the caravan. We kept going back because everyone seemed to be feeling the strain today, we’d had a virtually non stop week already and the kids in particular were beginning to feel it. They did muster up the energy to head to another show shortly after tea, though. The Haven FunStars performing Cinders – their take on Cinderella.

We knew we had missed the start so didn’t really expect to find a seat, so it wasn’t a huge shock when we entered the club lounge to see every single table and chair were taken. After squeezing down the front Baby C decided it was too loud so we did some hunting and eventually found one vacant table, right at the back and sat ourselves down. The girls seemed to be enjoying the show at first, but the boys weren’t and before long Mummy decided it would be best for them if they left, so she took them back to the caravan while I stayed with the girls. We didn’t last much longer though. The girls were losing interest in the show, so the suggestion of ice cream from Burger King eased them out of the club lounge.

I text Mummy to say ice cream was on it’s way. She replied saying her and the boys were then leaving the caravan, heading to the giant sandpit so we met up with them close to our caravan and joined them there. It was a warm night, nice and peaceful and the kids sat quiet happily playing in the sandpit for the best part of an hour, they made a little friend too, a little girl who joined in a few running and jumping games with R and LA. It’s always nice to see them getting along with other kids, as R in particular has struggled for the confidence to approach others in the past – she did really well during this break.

Our final stop of the day was the playground right next to the giant sandpit. We were there for just half an hour as it was starting to get late, and we knew we had to be up early the next morning ready to check-out and head back home. While we were on the playground, a young boy sat on a bench with a tiny almost invisible cut to his head crying, surrounded by three or four security guards clutching first aid kits. My thoughts? The mother must be a drama queen, there was nothing to it and the situation was made more dramatic by a further two or three security guards emerging from different corners, sprinting at full speed to the scene holding even more first aid kits. Anyway, another day had come to an end.

Once the kids were tucked up in their beds we did some tidying and packing to save time doing it all in the morning. Thankfully we managed to get pretty much everything done apart from the few things that we or the kids needed for that night or first thing in the morning. It had been a quiet day compared to others, and despite pondering whether or not to extend our stay at one point – as we had really enjoyed every moment of every day so far, we felt tomorrow was the ideal time to return home.

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