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Baby C’s allergy testing

Written by Mummy

On Tuesday 6th August Baby C finally had his allergy testing done at the hospital. Our appointment was for 9.30am and luckily my Dad was taking us to the hospital, otherwise we would of had to leave at 7am to catch a bus over. My mother-in-law arrived at 9am to look after my three older children and I set off with my Dad, C and Mum – she also had an appointment at the hospital at 10am so she hitched a lift too.

On arriving I headed off to find the dermatology section – it didn’t take to long to find. We checked in and it was quite busy, we took a seat and waited. There were a lot of other children there having allergy testing done too, there was a 13 year old teenager kicking up such a fuss because her arm was itching where she was having a reaction, and moaning that she couldn’t itch it and then there were lots of tiny children just taking it all in their stride – highly amusing, for me anyway, probably not for her.

We got called in at approx 10am to get C weighed and measured, he weighs 22lbs now and I can’t remember what they said his height was but he is quite tall. We went back out to the waiting room again and waited some more, at approx 10.15 we got called in to see the Doctor and she took all C’s history and decided what to test him on judging by history. H had 18 tests lined up, they were:

Egg White
Egg Yolk
Dust mites (UK)
Dust mites (U.S.A) – apparently they have bought it over here so it had to be tested
Hayfever – or something similar that would determine hayfever

We went back to the waiting room and waited to be called through for the testing. While we were waiting a lady came and explained how it all works and C fell asleep in my arms just as we got called through to have the test done.  As we sat down he started to wake up a bit but still looked a bit dopey, he was very relaxed and didn’t mind at all while the lady did the first 10 tests and pricks on one arm, followed by the 8 on the other arm. He did curl his toes when the pin pricks went in but other then that there were no tears, he was a very brave boy.

We got sent out to the waiting room for a further 15 minutes to see if any reactions appeared, almost instantly the egg white and egg yolk appeared as huge welts, and the eczema on his face started to flare and we had an itchy little boy, no tears though. After a little scratch of his face he fell straight to sleep again, no other welts appeared and we got called back through, she measured the welts and one was measuring 16mm and another 11mm which equalled to a 27mm reaction to a whole egg. I instantly got confused and asked the question “Do they have egg in baby milk then?”, after I said it I thought “Doh!”, one of them moments.

We went through to the waiting room and waited to be called back through to the Doctor to discuss the results. We only waited 5 minutes before getting called through again and I explained to the doctor how confused I was that a high reaction came through from eggs but he had only been on solids for 2 weeks and the eczema had been present since 8 weeks of age. She sent us through to the dietitian who went back through his history with me then explained that it sounded as if had a milk protein, soya and wheat allergy too, as he was tried on Lactose milk with no change then put on Soya milk which made his eczema worse. He also had reactions when eating wheat based products.

She explained so much that morning that I can’t remember it all but she was saying there are two types of reactions to dairy, soya and one of these will not show up on a skin prick test that the only way you can tell you have the allergy is by doing an elimination of them, so he has been prescribed a milk which contains no dairy or milk protein at all and he is also not to have any baby food which contain the soya, milk, or wheat.

I left with three recipe books for children with milk allergies and I also left with information on soya, wheat and egg allergies. I felt quite overwhelmed by the time I came out of there, it all sounded so complicated and I left wondering how on earth I was going to feed my baby if he was not allowed any of the things that make up majority of food.

Upon returning home I read all the leaflets and recipe books and it came to light just how much he could not have, the poor boy can’t even have a normal first birthday cake, what will he have for party food? That was the first thought that crossed my mind, how is he going to have a nice birthday tea if he can’t even dig in and enjoy. I did have a few tears that day but by the time night fell I was feeling a bit better.

I had logged onto Boots and went through every baby jar food that they owned checking all the ingredients and writing down what he could have and the next day I went into Boots and got some baby food and I was amazed at how many jars there were which did not have the above ingredients – this was going to be easier then I thought with him being a baby, I instantly felt better.

I am still dreading the future and how long it will take him to out grow it. What will I feed him when he can have finger foods? It frustrates me when I think about it so I try not to at the moment. We already have an appointment through the post for his almost one year check up, four days before his birthday on the 11th February 2014, I think then they will try to introduce things one by one to see how we get on.

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