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5 weeks young!

Written by Mummy

This is just a quick update on our new little baby C! I can’t believe that my little boy is 5 weeks old already. 5 weeks, yet it seems like he has been here forever. The kids totally adore him and are always smothering him with kisses and cuddles. I love him so much and couldn’t imagine life without him.

I got him weighed today and he is 11lbs 14oz! So since birth he has put on 2lbs 13oz, he is doing really well. As of today he is on 5oz bottles every 3 hours and he is on hungry baby milk, and has been since 2 weeks old. He really does enjoy his milk and would have it all day if i let him I am sure!

He is not a big fan of sleeping – day or night. He likes to fuss a lot and is happiest when he is laying on my chest, but going out for walk in the pushchair sends him to sleep straight away. He will have cat naps here and there – usually in his swing. Hitting the evenings calls for even bigger fussy times. He is irritable from 7pm until midnight so we have just introduced gripe water, so hopefully he will settle down soon. He wakes up every 3 to 4 hours in the night but we don’t go to bed until 1 am and I am up by 7am so really it isn’t a big deal, as I am only up once or twice with him.

He has just started recently giving out little smiles but nothing too regular and he has started cooing too. He enjoys tummy time and can lift his head up really well (see pic below). He also likes to go under his activity mat for 10-15 minutes at a time.

He goes to the doctors next week for his 6 week check. Time just seems to be flying.


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