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1 Birthday down, 1 Birthday to go!

Written by Daddy

There are two birthdays in the family this week – our two daughters! Today the youngest, LA, turned 6 years old so for today and tomorrow only she is the same age as her big sister R, who turns 7 on Saturday.

After the recent death of my Dad it was a strange day in some ways. He would visit on every single birthday our children had, without fail, so this was the first without him being with us when it was time to bring in the cake and sing Happy Birthday to our princess. The gifts and visitors that she did have were distraction enough for LA to enjoy that moment, but for me personally his absence was certainly felt.

I’m Daddy, though, so the smiles went on for the sake of my little girl – as there is no way on earth my Dad would have wanted anything to remind her that he wasn’t there and risk spoiling her day. She had a great day and I couldn’t be happier for her, although I do wish these birthdays would stop flying by so fast. My little girls aren’t looking very little any more, and it scares the life out of me.

We started the day by waking up a little earlier than we usually would, at around 7am, giving her time to open her gifts and birthday cards before school. She had already saved some time by getting into her school clothes before coming through to tell us it was time to get up… so downstairs we all went to get started.

LA has always been such an appreciative girl. Complaints from her are rare and she is always more than happy with whatever she is given as gifts and I’m pleased to say today was no exception. Her favourite gift was a new android tablet, and she also loves her new Moshi Monsters scooter and a Barbie doll. She got lots of other things too, and is keen to take all her new clothes on holiday with her – we head off on Monday.

Once her cards and gifts were done we had breakfast. It was pancakes with strawberries, as requested by her. Her little brother LU had banana with his instead as he’s not keen on strawberries – strange boy. They went down well, as pancakes usually do with kids, so then it was time to get them all ready and get them off to school! Mummy did the honours, while I took a prescription of hers to the doctors then met her back on the school route as we had to go do a bit of shopping for some things we need for our holiday.

We did pretty well. We had done everything we planned to do within an hour and a half, and headed back home for Baby C to have a nap. Mummy and I used that time to blitz the house which was a bit of a mess throughout – we tend to do that quite often when we’re expecting visitors – when we’re not, mess stays around a little longer! I’m sure we’re not the only ones.

Once all three kids were home from school, the kids were all sat around LA’s new tablet immediately playing on the CBeebies Play app which has lots of kiddies games on it and LA was amazed when a notification came up saying she had received an email from me. She replied too, very impressed!

On birthdays we usually do “party food” for tea, but with everything we have going on right now we though sod it, we’ll just ask what ‘takeaway’ she wants instead and she chose McDonalds, so me and Baby C took the short walk to get that while LA had visits from her Auntie and cousins.

By the time I got back, they were just about ready to leave and my Mum arrived to visit. The kids ate their food, then more visitors – this time Mummy’s parents – arrived too. LA didn’t take long tearing open the new¬†presents she now had sat in front of her, and then it was back to the tablet once her brothers had gone off to bed, after cake, at around 6.30. LA and her sister R went to bed about half an hour later, and soon nodded off.

I love seeing her as happy as she was today. She had fun at school too which helps, with her class singing happy birthday to her and, according to her, around 24 people randomly saying happy birthday to her throughout the day – thanks to a little help from her sister. Apparently in the morning I had told R that if she got 20 or more people to say happy birthday to LA, then I’d give her some sweets. Mission complete!

At the end of the day, LA went to bed delighted with the day she’d had. Now we’re looking forward to our daughter R turning 7 on Saturday!

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