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Welcome to England, St Jude

Written by Daddy

If you live in the United Kingdom you will have heard all about the storm which is currently making it’s way towards our shores, and is expected to ‘hit’ shortly after midnight tonight. Weather warnings have been issued to warn of hurricane strength winds and torrential rain downpours in some parts of the country.

Now, I live in one such part of the country but for some reason it seems like I am the only person looking forward to what may lie ahead. I fail to understand the level of concern that many people are showing for this ‘storm’ despite the news reports suggesting that it’s likely to bring the most severe weather we have seen here since 1987.

Glancing at my Facebook timeline and I see people sharing news of their stockpiling, of things like food basics and candles – am I missing something here? The winds are expected to be at their strongest at around 8am tomorrow morning and at that time, I will be out working on the roads performing my glamorous daily duties that being a lowly binman entails, and i’m looking forward to it.

A few bins may blow over, and at a push perhaps a few trees may fall – but is a bit of strong wind really all it takes to bring the people of this country to their knees? There may be heavy rain too… but when you have a shower, do you hide under an umbrella? It’s just water, you’ll dry out afterwards.

It’s a big fuss about nothing in my eyes, and if tomorrow comes and i’m proved wrong then more fool me, but seriously, get a grip Britain – other parts of the world see more severe weather on a daily basis and just get on with it.

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