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Other people’s kids, suck!

Written by Daddy

I offend people. Not intentionally, but I will tell people what I really think about things rather than fobbing them off with what I know they really want to hear – and as they say the truth hurts. But the point is I do not offend people on purpose, I’m not a nasty person by any means.

I make that point mainly to justify what i’m about to say next. I hate other peoples kids. I realise it’s an awful thing to say, but it seems every time I am around my children when they have friends nearby, I find myself resenting the other child being there.

It’s usually little things like what they say, or what they ask that really get on my nerves. The kind of stuff that I would be ashamed of, if it were my kids saying it to their friends parents. Perhaps i’m laying the blame for my annoyances at the wrong, tiny feet – perhaps it should be directed towards the much bigger, furrier feet of their parents. After all, they taught these kids everything they know, right?

I am not a big fan of having my kids invite their friends round for ‘play dates’, or for dinner simply because I spend the whole time clock watching, just waiting for the moment that I can get those friends out of my house again. I do try to open myself up to the idea, for my kids’ sake, but it’s not something i’ll come around to very easily.

Am I depriving my kids of anything worthwhile? They see their friends at school every day, do they really need to see them out of school hours as well at such a young age? My eldest is only six. I know that some of her friends already spend the night at other friends houses, but something like that is a long, long way off for my little ones.

Perhaps part of that is my reluctance to let my kids grow up too fast. I want my kids to be kids, not tiny teenagers. I don’t want them doing loads of chores, I want them to draw pictures and watch cartoons. I don’t want them to strive to be like Taylor Swift, I want them to sing nursery rhymes.

So when other kids are round my house, asking for this and that, telling me they want to go upstairs, telling my daughter “Oh! I want that”, “I had this but got something better” or “I don’t like that, it’s a piece of crap” then I get annoyed to say the least. If you don’t like the stuff kid, sod off and don’t look at it!

Bit harsh?

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  • I’m only ten months into being a parent, but certainly feel that it’s easier to deal with our own kid when they’re acting up or not happy because they’re more likely to respond and are slightly more predictable.

    • Absolutely. I’m not sure I care too much about how the other kids react to me, but if they ruin my kids toys or hurt my kids feelings what do I do? You can’t really ‘tell them off’ in the same way you can your own. It’s a pain.

  • I completely understand what you’re saying.

    My problem is that I never quite know how to ensure our “house rules” are followed by other peoples children. For example, TT is very good with his pens (for a 2.5 year old) and actually does always put the lids back on them and puts them back in the pen pot. A friends child who was 2 years older started banging the pens on the table which basically broke them and unfortunately I snapped – she was then upset, and I felt terrible. But, should I have let her continue to work her way through all the pens?

    I had bought the pens, and TT has been taught to respect them, but I guess I also need to understand that this is not always the same with other children. The question is, how do I deal with that.

    Great blog by the way! 🙂

    • I’m with you, I’d say you did the right thing by snapping! Why should you go to the trouble and expense of buying these things and teaching your child to look after them only for another child to come along and ruin things? Tricky situation, which is why I would just prefer other kids to keep the hell away from my house! 😉

  • 100% on board with this! My eldest has had some corkers…like the kid who questioned whether the fish fingers we served him were sustainable. Some of them are so rude, or demanding, and I’d be mortified if my kids acted that way!