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Irrational fears

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I have always found irrational fears quite interesting. You hear some pretty strange stories of people that are afraid of some rather bizarre stuff, and it makes me wonder if there is at least one person in the world scared of more things than my wife.

To be fair to her i’m certain that there are plenty of people, but she does come up with some classic ‘scared’ moments. If there is so much as a creek in the middle of the night, it’s not the wooden floors, it’s not the generic noises houses make when the temperatures drop late at night – it’s burglars, every single time – and every time I have to climb out of bed to investigate before she feels it’s safe to go back to sleep.

I don’t mind doing it, I love her to bits and if me checking every inch of the house is what it takes to put her mind at rest then that’s what i’ll do but I will always try my luck first with something like “it’s the tumble drier” or “the heating has just come on” to see if she believes me so I can stay in the nice warm bed. That could be a bad thing – I may say that one day, fall back to sleep and wake in the morning to find everything has been stolen.

Personally i’m not the type to fear many things. I wouldn’t say i’m the opposite – very brave – but I tend to take things as they come and rather than worry about something I simply think of what to do about it instead. However I have had irrational fears of my own in the past.

Two were particularly strange but i’m pleased to say i’ve overcome them both now. The first was crumpets. Those weird round things that people eat with butter on, I want to call them bread but I don’t know what the hell they are – they just look like bath sponges to me. I could not stand the sight of them, the smell of them, the texture of them, I didn’t enjoy going near them at all and when I touched one recently, it must have been the first time since I was a teenager at least 10 years ago. I still find them disgusting, but i’m now able to ‘make’ them for the wife and kids if that’s what they ask for.

Another irrational fear kicked in when Mummy and I first got together, and it came out of nowhere. I didn’t even know I had such a fear until one night I was about to leave my home to go to hers. It was a windy night, and before I reached the end of my own road, which wasn’t very long, I had turned back and sent her a message to let her know that I wouldn’t be coming round that night.

The fear is what I later discovered to be called Lilapsophobia – the irrational fear of tornado’s and hurricanes. Now I live in England, such weather events are extremely rare here especially at any severity worth worrying about. I knew this, yet the speed of the clouds and the way they were moving that night, combined with the very strong winds somehow triggered this fear within me and I managed to convince myself that if I walked to Mummy’s house that night I would be caught out by a tornado – and the darkness meant I wouldn’t even see it coming.

I had never been scared of windy weather before that night, or any other weather conditions but the fear stuck with me for quite some time. I despised being out in heavy wind from that day forward. Heavy rain had me worried – would it lead to a tornado? Hail was the worst, as it often comes shortly before a tornado arrives. Even thunder and lightning became an issue and when we were caught in one particular thunder and lightning storm coupled with very heavy rain, I was literally sweating through worry and so eager to get back home. Mummy found it funny, and looking back now I can see why!

I can’t pin-point the day the irrational fear left my system, but i’m glad it’s gone! How or why I suddenly obtained such a bizarre fear for no apparent reason is beyond me but if someone like me who generally doesn’t fear things can act so stupid about something so unlikely, it has taught me to understand why other people can come to have such strange fears.

In the past when I heard stories about people being scared of bananas, wallpaper and pencils I would laugh and think to myself “They can’t be serious, they’re on a wind up” but after my own unexplained fear experience, I know where they’re coming from. Irrational fears aren’t a pleasant experience and I hope i’ve had the last of mine.

What are your thoughts on irrational fears? Do you or anyone you know fear something strange? Share your thoughts with a comment below.

Hold on, one final comment. Just as i’m about to publish this post Mummy says “Errr…”, you know, that scared noise… “I thought I saw a ghost babe”. My reply was “Ooh, was it a sexy ghost?” but no. “It was a coat”.

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