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Guns and the Stupidity of America

Written by Daddy

Not many things disgust me, but one thing that does is the attitude of what seems to be the vast majority of Americans when it comes to guns, and gun control. I will be clear from the start, I come armed with no facts, no statistics, no research – in fact I come completely unarmed, unlike many of your children. This post is pure and simple opinion, with a large amount astonishment at how any parent in America can disagree with it.

On Tuesday 30th April 2013, a two year old girl named Caroline Sparks lost her life needlessly after her five year old brother shot her in the chest – with his own gun. To be honest that first sentence alone should be more than enough to convince you that the private ownership of guns should be banned completely in America, as they have been in other countries, and if it’s not then you are a disgrace to humanity.

I stumbled across an image yesterday. An image which left me stunned, as it revealed a fact to me which I didn’t know – here’s the image.

Dodgeball is deemed too violent for kids, but an assault rifle is not?

Dodgeball is deemed too violent for kids, but an assault rifle is not?

To hear that something as trivial as a game of Dodgeball is considered “too violent” in America is crazy in itself, but to then go on to remember that kids owning assault rifles is not then crazy doesn’t even come close. If children owning guns, and adults feeling the need to own a gun “for protection” is normal in the USA, then god help America. What a ridiculous attitude to have towards something so blatantly dangerous.

I looked further into the image by visiting the Moms Demand Action website and I found a further two images very similar to the one above. One shew a girl holding a Little Red Riding Hood Book alongside an infant with a gun, stating that the book is banned from schools in America because there is a bottle of wine in Little Red Riding Hood’s basket. The other once again was a boy holding a rifle, and this time next to him was a boy holding a Kinder Egg – banned because of the small toys they contain.

And just when you thought things could not become anymore ridiculous, the incident mentioned at the start of my post has been ruled as nothing more than “one of those crazy accidents” by the coroner, and what I find truly tragic above everything else are the words uttered by two-year old Caroline’s own Grandmother. “It was God’s will. It was her time to go I guess?”, she said. Stunned, truly stunned.

Have these people absolutely no sense of responsibility for what has happened here? I believe whoever bought and paid for that rifle and gave it to the 5 year old boy as a gift should be held responsible for Caroline’s death, and suitably sentenced for murder. How many more children need to die in America? How many more school massacres need to take place, before America’s parents decide in significant numbers that enough is enough?

If you own a gun, believe in the right to own a gun or have a child who owns a gun, you are partly to blame for the death of Caroline Sparks. It’s the unbelievable stupidity of people like you that have kept guns freely available across the USA for so long, and perhaps one day your own child will be the victim, and the blood of your own kid will be on your hands.

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