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Give time to your kids, not cooking

Written by Daddy

A few months ago right here on our blog Mummy shared with you all her views on baby food jars. If you didn’t catch it, have a quick read now or to sum things up for you – she’s not a big fan of them. However I don’t share her ‘hate’ of them.

I can see nothing wrong with them. Foods that have been freshly prepared at home, from freshly bought ingredients may be considered the healthier and more beneficial option, but not for me. By the time you have messed around buying all of the different fruits and vegetables you need, the accessories like blenders, weaning bowls and so on and not to mention the energy costs of cooking those ingredients in preparation for blending, baby food jars are undoubtedly a relatively cheap option – and far more convenient.

Why spend the best part of an hour in the kitchen pre-making meals when you could stock the cupboard with baby food jars in a matter of minutes, and then spend the rest of that hour with your child? What’s really better for your child – some freshly squashed carrots, or thirty extra minutes of loving attention from Mummy or Daddy with a decent baby jar chucked in?

Granted, to us adults these jar foods don’t taste that great at all but as babies they don’t know any different, and their taste buds are heightened from a young age so there is a good chance that they’ll eat more food if it’s a little bit nasty and bland.

Another bonus is that nowadays these baby food jars, quite often, are pretty good in terms of nutrition. They are after all made by companies such as Hipp Organic, Cow & Gate and Heinz – these people know baby food and if it was in any way bad for them, it would not be on the shelves.

Embrace baby food jars, and take advantage of the time you save by not preparing everything yourself by spending it with your baby. Wouldn’t you just hate it if they started to crawl in the other room, while you were busy in the kitchen, mashing a banana?

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  • Do you even know how much these baby food jars are compared to a piece of broccoli? you should be praising me for taking time to give our child a freshly cooked dinner rather than a piece of crap out of a jar… would you eat the food out of the jar? nah i didn’t think so… our children shouldn’t have to eat it.. how often do they eat a day? them jars are like 60p a jar! thats a lot of money per week on food… whereas i can buy a piece of broccoli.. cook and blend it.. store it and have over two weeks worth of meals 🙂 … I think my child would thank me for having “30 minutes less time” with them to cook them a decent meal. prat 🙂

    • Couldn’t agree more, MVD Sarah. To Daddy: Look at it this way, Daddy – how long will YOU survive on food out of a jar? You don’t mind your wife cooking for the rest of the family, you included, why the baby? Do you know that baby food companies, even the “organic” brands sabotage health of babies in their quest for profits. This food is heavily processed, loaded with preservatives and other chemicals that make it look and taste a certain way, and, as a result, may cause eczema and other disorders. Besides, it’s overpriced. Having it at hand for some emergencies is fine, but to give this junk to a baby all the time is totally wrong.