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Expanding My Horizons

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As a person I have always been pretty open minded about trying new things, but I have always restricted myself to doing things or trying things that I actually believe I could enjoy. But recently I have wondered – perhaps i’m missing out.

There could well be a number of different things that I might enjoy doing if only I would give them the chance. I think i’m onto something with this, and I think i’m ready to change my ways, open my mind a little and take a chance on some things that until now I would have dismissed without a second thought.

I’m not talking about anything too extreme. Just little things, like maybe visiting a castle or a museum (perhaps a museum is a step too far right now). I have to admit that to me that sounds like an incredibly boring way to spend my time, but is it? I’ve never really done it and so many other people find it fun, so who’s to say I won’t too?

The hardest part of this new intention of mine could be persuading Mummy to come along to such places. She’s only 26 and could see things like this as the kind of outings that only the retired generation would go on, but i’ll give it a go. She’s always said she would like walks around the countryside, and visiting a castle sounds less boring than that to me so they’re in the same ball-park.

Other things i’d like to do is take Mummy out on a boat! She’s adamant it will never happen, but how could she resist a little rowing boat on a peaceful lake, just me, her and a takeaway KFC boneless banquet? That is romance and girls love that crap right? Consider it on the to-do list.

Finally off the top of my head Saran and I have been hundreds of miles away to Greece together, but we have never visited the towns immediately surrounding our own (with the exception of Great Yarmouth). There are some nice, quiet towns nearby all of which have things to see, stuff to do and most importantly places to have a cuppa. I visit these towns week in week out at work, but I don’t think Mummy has ever stepped foot in little places like Beccles, Southwold or Halesworth.

I know these are only small steps into “the unknown”, but maybe beyond these things there will be more – who knows, this time next year I may even summon up the willingness to sit and watch a Harry Potter or a Twilight film. Drastic.

Do you live within your comfort zone preferring to stick to what you know, or do you like to break out a little and try something new every once in a while? What kind of things would you like to do that you have never done before?

Mummy has since replied with her post, Home is where the heart is.

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