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Doctors aren’t what they used to be

Written by Daddy

Life is too short. A cliche I know, but one that rings true and always will, so it’s important that we keep ourselves and our children physically fit and healthy – I don’t think anybody reading this will disagree with that.

This may sound a little hypocritical of me considering another recent post of mine was about allowing kids to enjoy food even if it’s junk, but whilst I do believe we as parents should do that, it’s important to balance that out with an active lifestyle and preferably one free from injuries and illness.

However it seems to be more and more difficult nowadays, and I lay the blame firmly at the feet of Doctors and other healthcare professionals – they certainly aren’t what they used to be.

I weigh in at little more than a measly 8 stone. I am very thin, but just creep into the ‘safe’ bracket of the BMI (body mass index). One downside of weighing so little is that my immune system is weaker than that of most people, and as a result I pickup pretty much every illness that happens be going around.

Despite that fact I have learned over recent years that it’s a waste of time paying my doctor a visit, because now more than ever he seems all too eager to stuff a leaflet in my hand and send me on my way. I’ve had the same doctor since I was young and I remember him being so much more thorough back then but now he tends to ask a question, then begins asking the next question before i’ve even finished answering the first – as if he simply doesn’t want to know.

More often than not I find it best to just get on with things when i’m ill. I tend to feel better being out and about than when i’m stuck indoors resting anyway, so for me i’m not too concerned – but it seems my children are now receiving a similarly uninterested attitude from their doctors, too, and that bugs the hell out of me.

My recently-5 year old daughter LA occasionally suffers from unexplained sharp pains in her bum. They tend to come randomly, usually as she first goes to bed at night. Needless to say this was worrying so I took her to see a doctor but because they only happen every now and then she was simply turned away with “come back if they get worse” being the only advice we received. No attempt to look, no real attempt to explain what it could be, nothing.

More recently, and this is currently ongoing, our 4 month old son C has a pretty nasty, irritating rash covering most of his face. This was originally diagnosed a number of weeks back as eczema and he has already tried four or five different creams, most of which either did nothing at all or made the rash even worse. The possibility of contact dermatitis has been considered too, but mainly by us and his health visitor, rather than the doctors.

I made him an urgent appointment today as he is really suffering. It’s so dry and sore that he can’t help but itch and scratch at it, often leaving himself with cuts to the face which of course only add to his pain further. Again he came away from that appointment with nothing more than new creams. It’s incredibly frustrating. These days you would expect some kind of test to be available to children who are suffering at such a young age. A test that would quickly and unequivocally confirm what the problem is, telling the doctor exactly what treatment to advise from the very start.

Doctors, for me, are nowhere near as thorough as they used to be. Nowhere near as caring. I find it disgusting and fear that their level of attention to their patients will only drop further as national spending is further reduced on the NHS.

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