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Christmas shopping pests

Written by Daddy

With Christmas now just two weeks away, preparations are well underway. There’s so much to get organised, but with the house decorations pretty much done and dusted I decided to make a start on buying some presents for Mummy last weekend – so me and my two daughters hit the town centre!

We live just a few minutes walk from the main shopping area of our home town, so we had arrived in no time, however the very moment we reached the shops one of my own personal pet-peeves was there standing right in front of me, shaking a coin collection pot at us like a baby with a new rattle. Bloody charities!

I’m not a nasty man. If I had the money to hand to instantly solve everybody’s problems then I wouldn’t think twice, but sadly I don’t and when i’m trying to enjoy a bit of Christmas shopping and give my two daughters a little festive outing, the last thing I wanted to come across was charity collectors – and there wasn’t just one of them.

They were littered throughout what I suppose you would call the ‘mini-mall’ which leads to the main shopping street, no more than 20 meters apart from each other and once on the main shopping street there were more scattered the entire length of town, both sides, so there was quite literally no escaping them. To make things worse still there were two or three of the dreaded clipboard-holders strolling around as well.

Now I am well aware that charities exist. I know people are starving in Africa and that children are suffering here in the UK. I know there are elderly people out there that need help. I know about Sky TV, and I know how to switch energy suppliers if I ever feel the need to. Also I understand that Christmas is supposedly a religious thing, but if people want me to start believing in “God” then i’m afraid I want to see some evidence – not a crap story about hope and faith on a little piece of yellow paper.

When we made it into the shops me and my daughters had a fantastic time. A brass band was playing Christmas songs in the ‘mini-mall’, and a choir was singing carols on the main shopping street, it was nice and certainly added to the festive excitement for my two daughters. But the collection pots and clipboards really do make me think twice about going into the town centre to do more Christmas shopping.

Am I being a Scrooge? Do you try to avoid the festive coin collectors and high street clipboard holders?

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