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Bring back food additives!

Written by Daddy

This is probably a little controversial in the eyes of many parents, but hear me out and maybe you’ll see where i’m coming from. I want to see the return of additives to food, including artificial colouring and flavours.

When I was a boy there wasn’t a single food or drink item in any shop, any where that had horrible phrases like “No Added Sugar” plastered all over them, or “No artificial flavours”. Now those so called ‘warning’ signs are often bigger on product packaging than the name of the product itself and I personally see no real reason for it.

People will point to science saying that it has been proven that these additives are bad for our children in all sorts of ways, but I say screw science and let’s eat something tasty. Kids today are being deprived without even realising it.

Even when it comes to sweets (or candy if you’re not from around these parts) it can be said that nothing, and I mean nothing, tastes as good as it did this time fifteen years ago when the colours and flavours of our foods and drinks were enhanced by all sorts of chemicals and random crap. What’s a little side effect or two between taste buds?

Don’t take this all to heart, I am not some extremist wishing death to kids through their eating habits – all i’m saying is that attitudes towards food and drink, and what they may or may not contain have gone way over the top and I find it quite ridiculous.

For example – eat five portions of fruit or vegetables per day. Since this advised started to circulate, I had never eaten more than one portion per day. I’ve never had any serious illness and I haven’t done so to this day. Yet there are people who have had healthy diets their entire lives, only to die younger than I am now.

You will often see people in a supermarket now going through the label of everything they pick-up with a fine tooth comb before deciding whether or not they should buy it, just incase it’s bad for them. It’s quite pathetic and probably an entirely pointless exercise anyway – as one day we are being advised not to binge drink, the next we are encouraged to drink one glass of red wine per day.

The fact is that food agencies do not know the first thing about the majority of foods, and even when they claim to have discovered links between some foods and certain diseases or illnesses, it’s usually not long before they back track and start saying actually, it’s good for you, stuff your face with it quickly or you’re going to die. Okay, bit of an exaggeration but you get the point.

I don’t recommend anyone to allow their kids to run completely free with their food choices, don’t be silly. But I see no reason for us to deprive them of enhances taste when it comes to their food – the kind of enhanced taste that only artificial flavourings can bring. Let’s be honest, natural food is pretty bland! And we eat with our eyes first – bring back the sexy colourings!

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