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Ban smoking in cars with kids?

Written by Daddy

Here in the United Kingdom this has been a pretty hot topic on the news over the past week or two – the prospect of a ban on people smoking in vehicles when they have passengers under the age of 16. I believe a similar ban already exists in some places such as Australia, Canada, some states in the USA and parts of South Africa too.

The reaction to this potential ban here in the UK for many is one of uproar, but personally I am struggling to understand why. Surely the health and wellbeing of your children should come above everything in life, let alone something as mundane as a quick cigarette? Are people really so addicted that they simply can not wait a little while for a smoke, in an effort to protect their own kids?

I have seen this on TV news reports, articles on websites and in radio interviews too. It seems like for every parent that can see the reasoning behind such a ban, there’s another who is apparently blind to the dangers that smoking in an enclosed space can do to their little ones. Actually let me rephrase that, as it’s not a case of ‘can do’, but ‘will do’.

I’ve heard people saying “I have my window open so the fumes go straight outside and not into the back where my kids are”, but anyone with a little common sense knows this is simply not true. Just because you see some smoke going out of the window, it does not mean your kids are being spared the nasty crap you’ve turned to – they’re not, and you are responsible for damaging their health.

So it’s probably pretty clear to you now that I for one am all for the ban on smoking in cars containing children. I can honestly see no argument against the ban. I won’t have any of that “It’s my car, my rights, who are they to tell me I can’t?” rubbish. You’re killing your kids, can you live with that?

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