A beginners guide to TweetDeck

Written by Daddy

TweetDeck is a very useful tool which helps you stay on top of your Twitter account, or accounts if you have more than one via one single, real-time screen. It’s free to use and available at, as a Chrome extension or even as iPhone and Android smartphone apps.

In this post I hope to help you grasp the basics of using TweetDeck for a single account, multiple accounts, and for Twitter parties. It’s all very simple I assure you.

Create your TweetDeck account and sign in

First of all you will need to create a TweetDeck account, which is nothing more than an email and password combination. Once you have done this, sign in and follow the simply on-screen instructions to connect to your primary Twitter account. You will then be greeted by four columns showing your Timeline, Interactions, Mentions and Tweets.

These columns are great, as they all update in real-time so there is never any need to refresh the page and with everything on one screen, you don’t need to keep clicking from tab to tab to see if anything new is going on.

Changing the look of your TweetDeck

If you’re not entirely happy with how the columns look, you can change their width, the size of the text and the overall colour scheme of your TweetDeck via the settings tab as shown below.

Managing multiple Twitter profiles

Using the Settings popup you are also able to add additional Twitter profiles to your TweetDeck. Again this is a simple task, just click on Accounts followed by the blue Add Twitter Account button. This will open a new window taking you to Twitter – all you need to do is login to the account that you wish to add, then click the authorize button, then it’s done.

Rearranging your live columns

Now that your account is (or accounts are) connected to TweetDeck you might want to show just columns that you find useful. For example, show just the Timeline and Interactions. Clearing out the columns you no longer want to see is easy – just click on the down-arrow at the top of the column, followed by the bright red delete icon.

Adding columns your way!

Click on the plus icon to add a new column to your TweetDeck. A box will appear showing you the possible column types. You can choose from Timeline, Interactions, Mentions, Followers, Messages, Search, Lists, Tweets, Favourites, Trends, Activity and more!

Personally I use TweetDeck to manage two accounts, and find displaying the Timeline and Interaction columns for each account most useful for me. To add a column just click on the type icon, followed by the Twitter profile you want displayed in that column.

Using TweetDeck for Twitter parties

Finally, TweetDeck is by far the best tool (in my opinion) for taking part in Twitter parties. We attend one each week called #pbloggers which takes place every Sunday at 9pm for parenting bloggers.

For this, I just need to add one more column to my TweetDeck – a Search column which shows in real-time every tweet containing the #pbloggers hashtag. To add this, click the plus icon, choose Search and enter the term or hashtag that you want to keep an eye on – it’s as simple as that.

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